Hardware Service

We offer repairs, installation and maintenance services for various vendors' computers.

Please send the problem description via any of specified contact channels, and we will provide you with details asap.

Warranty Service

The warranty service for most products is offered by Authorized service providers (ASP). The ASP contact information is available for each product, under product description window, in manufacturer's section.

If ACP information is not available as well as in case of any questions please contact Datorsalons VESA directly.

Warranty Term

The warranty terms are:

  • The manufacturer specified warranty term for business customers
  • At least 2 years for consumers, according to the Latvian law

The warranty term is printed on the invoice together with the product serial number, which it applies to.

If for any reason manufacturer does not ensure the 2 year warranty term, consumers are noticed in advance, before the actual deal happens.