The New Order Creation

You will receive an immediate e-mail notification after a new order will be placed into Datorsalons VESA e-Shop. The notification will contain a full information about your order:

  • The prices and total amount of all chosen items with taxes included;
  • The amount of included 21% VAT;
  • The shipping costs or free-shipping notification if the order qualifies to it.

The Payment

Currently, the only accepted payment type is a wire transfer.

You will receive an e-mail with a proforma-invoice during one working day after the placement of purchase order (PO).

The proforma-invoice should be paid within 3 working days via wire-transfer. The ordered goods will be sent out, when the payment is received into Datorsalons VESA bank account.

In case of any questions, the manager of Datorsalons VESA will contact you via the specified communication channels.

Sincerely yours,
Datorsalons VESA